I am glad about your interest to get to know closer about my dermatological practice, my team and of course also about my philosophy.
The basis of this philosophy stamped by processes of our immune system forms a comprehensive immunologic perception of dermatological diseases. Diseases that are characterized by ebullient immunological reactions (allergies, auto immune diseases) stand in opposite to diseases that are characterized by a lack of immunological defenses (infections, cancer of the skin). The healing of this „immunological wound“ shows the ideal equilibrium between the extreme states mentioned above.
I consider my job as dermatologist in understanding the mechanisms of ebullient immunological reactions and injurious tolerance in order to establish individually concepts of treatment for every skin disease. Every treatment is based on internationally approved studies and stands in line with the procedures presently taught at university hospitals. I explicitly reject non-recognized, often profit-oriented paramedic procedures.

My goals

Should you suffer from skin problems or from allergies I offer you a personal plan for treatment that fits your individual needs. Besides, I offer you a detailed skin cancer screening as well as computer-assisted hair analyses. In addition, it is possible to receive a detailed consultation in the area of the aesthetic dermatology including the creation and realization of a plan for treatment.

Medical treatment

My practice disposes a wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the area of classical dermatology, dermatological surgery, rare skin diseases, allergology as well as aesthetic medicine. An optimum consultation and treatment is guaranteed by the cooperation with specified colleagues in-house and abroad.


The high and constant quality of our work is guaranteed by high-class management (KTQ certification). Of course, I regularly attend special education courses according to the criteria of the Hessian land medical association. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are always adapted to the newest state of technology.

Individual care

It is a concern for me to be responsible for you in an individual and comprehensive way. This is supported by the pleasant creation of our practice rooms, a quick assignment of an appointment and visiting times which allow enough space for consultation and therapy.

Cooperation with colleagues and partners

I regularly maintain a narrow contact with competent colleagues and medical centers. In particular I work together with famous specialists in the area of aesthetic dermatology ( Nothing substitutes for a personal consultation; our team is always there for you. Call us or get in touch with us by email. It is a pleasure for us to arrange an appointment.
Dr. Florian W. Velten, M.D.