Florian W. Velten, M.D.

  • Studies in human medicine, Gutenberg University, Mainz / Germany
  • Internship in Dermatology & Venereology / subspecialisation in allergology and professional dermatology at the Universities Munster and Heidelberg (medical faculty Mannheim) / Germany
  • Habilitation in dermatology & Venereology (state-certified permanent qualification for professor posts). Subject: molecular bases of peripheral tolerance mechanisms
  • Scientific president of the french society of esthetic medicine and mesotherapy
  • Professional emphases: outpatient operations, allergology incl. (pseudo)allergic reaction to food(additives), medical checkup for skin cancer, aesthetic dermatology incl laser medicine and mesotherapy
  • Postdoctoral research associate at the „Institut de la Recherche Agronomique“ (Paris, France), the Federal Research Center for Nutrition (Kiel, Germany) and the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (Chapel-Hill, USA); Innovation award for islet cell transplantation awarded by the German Diabetes Society (DDG)
  • Author of more than 50 scientific articles, book chapters and presentations in Germany, France, and the USA.
    Emphases: (1) Immunologic machanisms in allergies, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer. (2) allergic and pseudoallergic reactions to food components, malabsorption syndromes (e.g. fructose malabsorption)
  • Languages: German, French, English, and Russian