Aesthetic dermatology

The skin substantially reflects the external appearance of our body. Thus, a constantly pigmented, taut skin is valid without formation of wrinkles as a token for vitality, youth and freshness. If you wish a consultation or treatment in the area of aesthetic dermatology, I offer you as currently the only German member of one of the oldest international societies for medical aesthetics (AMME), in France (Paris) a broad spectrum of interdependent medical-aesthetic treatments. Starting from my doctorate up to my habilitation I have a broad experience with materials used in aesthetical products („biocompatibility“).
After the first detailed consultation that considers your ideas and possible alternatives I will discuss the different strategies for your individual treatment plan including interdependent strategies.:  
  • Removal of age spots or other non-malignant cutaneous lesions
    - Curettage, Laser (IPL)
  • Skin rejuvenation (e.g. wrinkles, age spots)
    - Mesoscratch, Mesolift, Laser (IPL), Botox, Filler
  • Superficial teleangiectasias (e.g. spider veins), blood sponges
    - Neodym-YAG-Laser, Laser (IPL), Sclerotherapy
  • Treatment of hair loss (Alopecia)
    - Mesoscratch (example)
  • Hair removal
    - Laser (IPL)